The Burtergill South Devon stud was founded in 1974 with an initial purchase of heifers from Harlau Stud in Timaru. When Harlau was dissolved in 1978 further heifers and the pick of the studs imported English cows were purchased.

Imported English cows from Woodah Stud were added to the herd in 1980 giving Burtergill South Devons a base of pure English cows.

In the early years English A.I. Sires were used extensively along with our own home bred bulls and selected sires purchased from New Zealand breeders.


Our latest calves are by a polled UK based sire Hawkley SAS Javelin and by home bred bulls Burtergill Henry 1105, Burtergill Zodiac 1310 and Burtergill Reg  1315. The yearling heifers were naturally mated to a young bull purchased from Geoff & Barb Croker of Glenview stud in the Wairarapa.

This year we calved 60 registered cows including rising 2 year old heifers.

Burtergill South Devons aim to produce sound early maturing polled cattle with placid temperaments, medium frames and good fleshing - guaranteeing that they will shift anywhere.


The stud has moved South to West Melton, Christchurch and is run on 473 hectares of Canterbury dryland.  

The cattle are run under commercial conditions. Every cow must produce a calf and the herd is rigorously culled at weaning, mating and pregnancy testing ensuring only the best quality animals make it into or remain in the stud.

All Burtergill South Devons are grazed behind a single electric tape, they are used to being handled in yards, transported and worked with dogs.

We pride ourselves on the placid nature of our cattle.