Monday 17th June 2019 - 2.00 pm

Taimate Angus 6783 State Highway 1, Ward

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LOT: 67 - Aschwood Guiness 701(B)

This polled black bull would be worth a shot for those wanting to try a South Devon but have traditionally retained female replacements in your herd.† †He is low birth weight with moderate growth and has good positive EBVs for all maternal traits.



LOT: 68 - Burtergill Righton 1702

This polled bull will produce meat and plenty of it. Short gestation, breed average birth weight, with a retail beef yield, 200, 400 and 600 day growth EBV all in the top 10% or better of the breed.

†LOT 69 - Aschwood Razor 1751 (B)††

Donít let colour fool you - this attractive well balanced polled red bull is actually by a black South Devon. He is more than suitable for heifers with a very low birth weight and given his positive fats his offspring will be easy doing like him.

LOT 70 - Burtergill Zion 1705† ††

† †A polled maternal sire with a low birth weight, plenty of meat and very positive fats possessing carcass EBVís all in the top 10 % of the breed or better and more 200 day milk than 80% of his peers.

LOT 71 - Burtergill Righton 1707

This appealing polled bull was used in the stud over the heifers. He is low birth weight with good carcass data and positive fats. Having a scrotal circumference EBV in the top 1% of the breed his progeny, while being moderate, will be early maturing.

LOT 72 - Burtergill Maestro 1713

A polled bull offering way more than his data suggests. He is donkey quiet and exceptionally easy doing, hence an intramuscular fat EBV in the top 15% of the breed. His 200 day growth EBV suggests he would be good for those of you producing weaners to sell straight off of Mum.

LOT 73 - Burtergill Louis 1709

Another polled bull used in the stud over the heifers. Low birth weight, easy doing with very positive carcass attributes all in the top 15% of the breed. Given his pedigree, and that he is out of a heifer, he should have a positive milk EBV when generated.

LOT 74 - Burtergill Maestro 1712

A scurred bull whose horns have never been touched. He would be suitable for heifers, having a low birth weight. †A very good cross breeding option as he has a complete set of positive carcass traits.

LOT 75 - Burtergill Righton 1701

A very balanced horned bull that will make a great terminal sire. He is exceptionally short gestation with 200 and 400 day growth EBVís in the top 10% of the breed while retaining positive fats, 200 day milk and a top 10 % EMA.

LOT 76 - Burtergill Horace 1711

This polled bull is suited to those of you looking to play a long game with a 600 day growth EBV in the top 5% of the breed. However he is very short gestation with a hugely positive IMF and good milk so if you are looking to retain your F1 females, he is one to consider.

LOT 77 - Burtergill Righton 1706
An easy doing polled bull that would be a very safe option for cross breeding. Possesses a breed average birth weight EBV. Very balanced 200, 400 and 600 growth EBVís, well above breed average, and very positive fats.